What I offer...


Hand carved pistons


*All pistons posted in the gallery have been sold and no longer available* 


If you are interested in one, please fill out a contact form to discuss style and pricing.  Average prices range between $230 - $270, plus shipping.  My Instagram is updated daily if you'd like to check out my most recent carvings. Follow me at @pistonface.  I also do giveaways and random raffles on my Instagram so check it out! 



Check out this collaboration piece!

     By PistonFace and SkullSoup


Giving Old Pistons New Attitude

PistonFace was born from my need to create things I feel are interesting and resonate with all types of people. My mission is a simple one, strike up a conversation, preserve history, or simply put a smile on someone’s face. I feel the pistons I create emote a certain attitude as if they know something we don’t. I know they make me smile when I revisit their pictures and maybe they will have the same effect on you. Have a look around and feel free to contact me if anything grabs your attention.


Harley Davidson Ironhead

Harley Davidson Evo

Yamaha XS650