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Meet The Maker

Doug Rogers

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I'm just a simple man. I'm in my 50’s, married nearly 30 years, and have 2 children. I was an Automotive Technician for 24 years, and I have transitioned into being an Automotive Instructor at our local Community College in Salem, Oregon. I have worked on, admired, ridden, driven, and customized machines most of my life. I find great joy in creating the pistons I make, and in the joy they bring others. I believe every piston heading to the scrap heap has a story to tell. Though I have developed a style to my carvings that reads PistonFace, I try to leave behind imperfections or damage when possible to help preserve the history of the piece because when their stories are passed down, my artwork helps keep those stories alive. Bringing these old pistons to life again is an honor to me. I have met some really great people with great stories since 2017, and now I am a part of their story, too.  For that I want to say, Thank You!